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Why the Delay?

I don’t usually let a week go by without posting something new.  Well there have been a few changes in my life that have caused me to miss this last week.  I try to avoid personal postings on this my professional site, but I wanted to explain, and I will bring chiropractic into it I promise.

First I’ve already mentioned our new baby.  Things are going well there.  I haven’t mentioned that my youngest brother just got married and my grandmother graduated from this life.  As if those things weren’t enough; I got an email about two weeks ago from the United States Navy. There was a contract position that they wanted be to fill.  (I have been lobbying for getting chiropractic care to our troops for over 6 years now.)  They wanted me to be in Florida in 8 days.  I was willing, but closing shop, having a baby and making a move across the country in 8 days was tough.  After some discussion the start date was changed, but I have signed the contract and will be treating our service men and women in Florida for the next few years.

I hope that I am able to do even more from the inside than I was able to from the outside.  I would like to see our troops overseas get the care they deserve and have been promised.  The gears are already in motion on that, I hope to give them a little more grease.  If any of you would like to help, please let me know.

There are some exciting things happening this month, after all it is National Chiropractic Month.  I’ll try to report on them as time permits.

Commission Chiropractors Goes Blogging

The commissionchiropractors.com website that I follow and support has changed venues.  It has apparently come to join us on wordpress.  The new format will allow us to communicate directly with other interested parties, as well as make it easier for us to share with others.  Go check out the new location at commissionchiropractors.wordpress.com

Hawaii the Navy and Me

Exactly 4 weeks ago I applied for a civilian position with the US Navy. I figured that this would be one step closer, and put me in a better position to talk to people about commissioning Chiropractors in the Militarychiropractors. So far, no news. The application says that they will let me know one way or another, but 4 weeks, wow. I guess that’s good news. They would have sent me a letter already if I wasn’t even in the running, right? So, to keep up my optimism I thought I’d let everyone else know how great it is to not know if I’ll be heading to Hawaii soon.

Even if I don’t get the position with the Navy I plan to keep up with the goal to get chiropractors commissioned. I have sent letters/email to every candidate for president asking their position on the topic, and why they haven’t signed up to cosponsor the current resolutions. The current senate resolution is in the Armed Services Committee which both Hillary Clinton and John McCain sit on. I would hope that they would respond regarding a resolution that is before them at this time.

The house bill is faring a little better. The committee there has co-sponsors of the bill in the committee. A congressman from my state sits on that committee, but will not respond to me because I am not in his district. My call to everyone else out there if you have a Senator or Rep. who represents you please contact them, find out their position on this topic and urge them to co-sponsor the resolutions (HCR 294 & SCR 75). Then, report back to me so I can post their responses.

To find who your representatives are visit www.commissionchiropractors.com. The get involved section there will link you to find your reps. There is all sorts of other good information there also.