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Chiropractic for Moms

Mom as a profession can be hard on the body.  One of the advantages of being a mom however is that you are able to adjust your activities to prevent problems.  A disadvantage is that there is no down time.  It is always easier to prevent than to recover.

The physical problems a mom experiences are also highly related to the age of her children.  A mom with young kids will need to remember you’re going to be going to the floor a lot.  If you don’t bend from the knees you will likely develop low back issues.  Don’t always use the same arm to carry.  When the kids are too young to help with the cleaning you’re going to be doing a lot of it.   Watch your posture while cleaning.  When you are pregnant your body puts out hormones to relax the ligaments, and it does a great job, which means repetitive motions are more likely to sprain or strain.  So, while pregnant you will want to avoid repetitive twisting like vacuuming and doing the dishes.  Just remember, that you really get behind in your work when you have to take time off to recover.  Focus on bending at the knees, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

As the children grow you become a chauffeur, and sitting at the wheel can be hard on the back.  Put as many trips into one as possible.  Stopping at each appointment will give you a chance to stretch your legs and back.  As they grow they will be able to help with some of the messes that they make.  Remember their bodies will recover faster than yours, and they will be up and jumping on your bed while you try to get some rest.  Get them doing as much of the work as they can.  Sure they don’t do it very well, but they’ll learn, and besides, it’s easier to guard prisoners while they’re working.

Fam Crop

For the mom of my children.

If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!  Take care of your self.  If you need time to go work out, make sure you find a way to do it.  If you need treatment, get it.  The earlier you seek treatment the better.  Treatment is easier if you can relax.  Come alone if you can.  If you can’t, most doctors offices will have a place for children to play.  If you come see me, I’m happy to have kids color a picture for my door, or watch a movie in the other room. It’s important that you take a time out for your health care.

Motrin Attack Ad

I’m not in marketing as a career, but I do use marketing, and to me this recent ad put out by Motrin seems to attack the very market that they want to buy their product.

Here’s the video:

The ad mentions back, shoulder and neck pain.  I’m not sure how Motrin fixes those symptoms.  Now I know that Motrin is a pain medication.  They want to sell you drugs to mask the pain.  I am a musculoskeletal specialist, a chiropractor who works with a lot of pregnant women and new moms.  I know there’s stress added by carrying a child but carrying weight closer to your body actually reduces the stress to your spine, a real solution that Motrin seems to be mocking.  And, a carrying device can relieve the stress on your arms and neck.  The other option is not picking your children up, or as the ad suggests take a medication to mask the pain so that you can be trendy.

This ad says to me that moms are too stupid to take care of themselves, that all they do is follow the crowd.  It seems to say that carrying your baby close to you is only a fad, as though carrying your baby is a bad thing and that bonding experiences with your children are something negative.  The implication is that moms are selfish that that they put up with children rather than love them.  It speaks as though having a child is just a status symbol or “popular these days.”  I just saw the ad and am offended.  I haven’t looked into it, but I imagine Motrin just got some press that they didn’t count on.  Seriously who’s in their marketing department?

I don’t think they realized that the mom’s who buy these things do so because they are interested in taking care of themselves and their children.  They are the kind of women who try to eat right and exercise, they are the kind of women who avoid medication because they’ve done their research and know that there is no medication out there without risky side effects.  They carry their babies not because it’s in fashion, but because they care enough to do what they think is right.

There is a strain from pregnancy and carrying your children,  there are also natural ways to take care of your self to prevent and relieve that pain.  Carrying your baby closer to you is one of those ways.  It’s not like Motrin is a vitamin.  It’s not helping your body any.  If you do have back pain caused by carrying your child see an expert in the field visit your local chiropractor.  Don’t get health care advice from a drug company.  There is much that can be done to help you enjoy your life without pain, without medicating yourself.