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Legislative Issue Briefs Are Here

As I posted about previously, the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference (NCLC) is about to get under way in Washington DC.  They have just released the issue briefs that they will be presenting to our senators and representatives.  Y0u can do your part by familiarizing your self with these issues and contacting your elected officials about these topics.  The ACA has chosen 6 areas of emphasis this year.  They are:

Veterans Affairs (VA)


National Health Reform


Department of Defense (DOD)

Chiropractic A Low Cost Solution

All of these issues are of great importance, but one is close to home for me in more ways than one.  I grew up with my father in the military.  I know many servicemen and women.  I have always wanted to serve my country and support these brave men and women.

Image from www.hill.af.mil

There are currently 11 new civilian positions required to begin by September of this year for chiropractors.  I would prefer chiropractors be commissioned, but as long as we provide chiropractic care to these soldiers who need it most then I am ok.  If that mean civilian posts, that is fine.  I will be writing to my representatives with two proposals and encourage you to do the same.  Commission Chiropractors in the military.  Baring that option, then at least provide a civilian chiropractic position for our troops here in Utah at Hill Air Force Base.

Image from www.hill.af.mil

The 75th Medical Group at Hill AFB provides health care for more than 5000 active duty military and medical services for over 50,000 TRICARE beneficiaries.  There is no chiropractic treatment for our military here in Utah, despite that full hospital facillity at Hill AFB.  If we don’t commission them then I want Hill AFB Utah to be one of those 11 new sites designated this year.  Please contact your representatives with this information.  Let’s provide for our troops who do so much for us.