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Gold’s Gym Review

As promised I stopped by the Gold’s Gym near my office to take a look around.  The one thing that I found that I did like at Gold’s was that they had a neck machine.  It’s only at the facility by University Mall, no other Gold’s in the area.  This is the first gym I’ve ever seen one in.  So, if I have a neck rehab patient who needs a gym I know where to send them.

Beyond that however, I felt like a number at Gold’s.  At first they didn’t even want to let me in until I bought a memebership.  They didn’t seem to understand that someone might want to look around before getting a membership.  They told me I could come in if I had a free 1-day pass, but they weren’t willing to give me one. Finally after explaining what I was doing for the 4th time they finally let me look around after signing a waiver.

Beyond that complaint about the greeting, I found everything that I wanted in a gym for my patients.  They do have a pool and the back machines that I recommend for good back health.

As far as cost, I now have information from two gyms, but 24-Hour Fitness was substantially less than Gold’s Gym.  If you’re going to use a gym anyway then the money isn’t really a big deal to you.  If you were really worried about money you wouldn’t go to a gym.  They are expensive.  I’ll create a cost benefit post when I’m done with a few more gyms in the area.