Video Humor

There is no particular order to these, they are just the humorous videos that I have found about chiropractic. If you find another please comment, and leave either contact info, or the location of the content. I happily give credit to sources as none of this comedy is mine, I just enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it also.

Who’s Line Is It Anyway.  Comedians Sing of Chiropractic

Comedians Sing About Chiropractic

M.A.S.H. Has Three Episodes That I Have Found With Individuals Performing Spinal Manipulation (Chiropractic), Even Alan Alda.

Most of you have already seen the classic Simpson’s Chiropractic Episode, but here are some clips from that one:

Here’s a great one discussing some common misconceptions about chiropractic:

Funny Chiropractic Commercial

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