Healthcare Reform More Powergrab than Reform

From what I can tell the major players are all fighting to get the most power from “Health Care Reform” that they can through positioning.  I get a sense of urgency from everyone in more ways than one.  There’s the hurry to the reform table  or we won’t get a seat.  That may be true, there are groups trying to cut people out now.  Second I feel like this reform is being pushed so fast so that no one will be able to see what it really is, kind of like the “Stimulus Bills” that no one even could read.

Here’s what I’ve seen at the meetings I’ve been too and in the news.  (I’m not even going to cite these things.  If anyone wants to link a story, feel free.)

The medical doctors are fighting a political battle to take away physician status from others.  They are doing this by trying to make it illegal to refer to yourself as a doctor unless you have the MD or DO degree.  This affects dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, lawyers, PhDs, etc…  They say it’s a public safety issue and they don’t want people confused, but in reality it goes to healthcare reform.  You see the “national health care” is to be modeled after medicaid/medicare (Oh that’s a good idea, they run great.) which places control with the physician.  If your a non-physician provider then you have less control and pay.  MD’s don’t go to management school, they are no better suited to be in charge of a musculoskeletal patient than they are to be in charge of a a patients teeth.  MDs have no extra special training.  It’s a power grab.

Physical Therapists are trying to become doctors for the same reason.  They don’t like being technicians and want some of that market share, so without really adding education they are trying to take the title or responsibilities.  Here in Utah recently they tried to sneak the term diagnose into their law, it’s just a term they said.  Well, doctors diagnose because they have the training, PT’s don’t have the training.

I know these turf wars are going all over throughout healthcare.  I’m just more aware of the chiropractic ones.  There are battles for control going between providers and insurance companies, and insurance and government officials, the only group that I don’t see fighting is the patients.  Why is that?  Why won’t the people speak up and take personal responsibility?  It’s your health take care of it!  Here’s one way you can: ChiroVoice it’s the voice of patients.

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