Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

This question brings on a rant in me. Here I go…

First of all let me lay out the basic premise of insurance. It is a group of people pooling their resources so that in the event that some rare bad thing happens they can cope with it. Until that bad thing happens those resources can be invested and earn money. This situation applies well to fire insurance, because not everyone’s house burns down. Accidents happen though, and if your house were to burn down, or wash away it would be a major loss, so insurance is a good plan in case of fire, flood, hurricane, etc… You pay someone to manage that situation. You are covered if the unthinkable happens and a job is created. That is a great idea, and system. The same thing works for

car insurance, and many other things. Even with life insurance the company is unlikely to have to pay out until they’ve had enough time to make a profit on the investment. And the premiums reflect that.You only pay $25-100 a month for most types of insurance, and the insurance man can still make money.

Insurance works because it protects you for something that is “unlikely” to happen. This is why health insurance cannot work. Everyone needs health care (even the healthy 25 year old should be getting regular checkups). The insurance companies are paying out all the time. It can only work if most of the people don’t use it. That puts the insurance company in the position of trying to either pay doctors less or get customers not to use the service that they have paid for. With chiropractic it’s even more difficult because back pain is a common, not rare, occurrence.  Insurance companies only make money  if you pay for the coverage and don’t need it or if they charge more money than the actual chiropractic care costs.

With health insurance, premiums can easily be as much or more than your mortgage/rent payment. And most people just pay it. Insurance companies have made is so that they don’t want to use the benefits because they have to pay their co-pay out of pocket and meet their deductible.

As far as insurance and chiropractic goes. I accept most insurance plans. Some I don’t because they’re ridiculous. When my patient has a $35 co-pay on top of his premium, and their treatment may only cost $45 it is cheaper for them to just pay out of pocket. That’s what I recommend for most people. Some people have really good insurance and I do accept those.

I prefer people pay out of pocket for many reasons. First, it is often cheaper for them. Second, I don’t have to ask permission from someone who isn’t even involved to do a procedure, because it may not be covered. Third, I don’t have to pay a collections agent to go get half the money promised by the insurance company. And lastly I don’t have to bill the patient again when the insurance says that they will only pay part of the bill.

So, the answer to the question is yes your insurance company will probably cover chiropractic, but if it doesn’t don’t worry about it, you’re probably getting the better deal. If the unthinkable does happen to you, such as being in a car accident, then the real insurance will cover your chiropractic care anyway, and they don’t make you pay a co-pay.

Take good care of your self. I’ll be here if you need me.