Gold’s Gym Review

As promised I stopped by the Gold’s Gym near my office to take a look around.  The one thing that I found that I did like at Gold’s was that they had a neck machine.  It’s only at the facility by University Mall, no other Gold’s in the area.  This is the first gym I’ve ever seen one in.  So, if I have a neck rehab patient who needs a gym I know where to send them.

Beyond that however, I felt like a number at Gold’s.  At first they didn’t even want to let me in until I bought a memebership.  They didn’t seem to understand that someone might want to look around before getting a membership.  They told me I could come in if I had a free 1-day pass, but they weren’t willing to give me one. Finally after explaining what I was doing for the 4th time they finally let me look around after signing a waiver.

Beyond that complaint about the greeting, I found everything that I wanted in a gym for my patients.  They do have a pool and the back machines that I recommend for good back health.

As far as cost, I now have information from two gyms, but 24-Hour Fitness was substantially less than Gold’s Gym.  If you’re going to use a gym anyway then the money isn’t really a big deal to you.  If you were really worried about money you wouldn’t go to a gym.  They are expensive.  I’ll create a cost benefit post when I’m done with a few more gyms in the area.

One thought on “Gold’s Gym Review

  1. Heather

    I absolutely love 24 hour fitness. They are always helpful and friendly and have great classes, which is a huge draw for me. Oh and their kid’s club is fantastic, with room for the kids to actually play and exercise instead of just sitting around. It makes it much easier for me to actually exercise when I have a good place for my kids to go.

    One thing you didn’t mention about 24 hour fitness is that, with them you can sign up on a month to month basis and Gold’s Gym requires a full year commitment. And they still cost less.


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