Time for Renewal

At the beginning of a new year we look to start over, press forward with our current goals, or make new ones.  It’s a time of new beginnings  As a chiropractor, I am a holistic doctor and know that you require a well balanced life.  As you look to set new goals it is helpful to keep this in mind.  Set goals for all aspects of your life, and let them work together to improve the whole you.  As a minimum set goals for your spiritual, mental, physical and your social self.

Goals can be very individual, but they should be shared with others and written down.  Studies have shown that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, and even more likely if you have an accountability to someone.  Find a confidant who will check up on you regularly and who cares about your improvement.  Keep records of your progress and set mini goals to help you achieve your larger ones.

When a new patient comes into my office we discuss the goals that they have for their treatment, and evaluate the progress at least every two weeks to see if we are still heading the right direction, and if we need to alter our plans.  You can set evaluation periods with yourself for your goals.

Lastly remember the goals you set should be realistic, but challenging.  You are not trying to punish yourself.  You’re trying to improve.  If you don’t really want to achieve your goals then you will ultimately fail and torture yourself all the way.  The people around you who truly care about you will want to see you succeed and will be anxious to help you.  You can do it.

If you want some help achieving your goals, need some encouragement, or if one of your goals is to gain the health that you deserve, come visit my office.  My staff and I will give you the support you need to achieve.  Good luck!

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