The Effects of Drinking Soda on Your Health

Thanks to Dr. Gray for turning me on to this topic.  Let me start this post by saying that I drink soda.  I drink it about 6 times a year.  When I was in high school I ran cross country.  I also drank Mountain Dew as often as I could.  One season I noticed difficulty breathing and decreased energy when I drank soda, so I stopped.  I never really picked it back up.  I still drink it occasionally, but I do not buy it.  My wife puts it in punch for parties at times.  I felt better and ran better when I was not drinking soda.

Now as a health care provider I have a vested interest in topics like this for my patients sake I like to learn as much as possible.  After researching this topic I thought I’d pass on some facts to you.  The links may be dry but I like to back up my statements with research, and they have some good info.  So, here is soda in all it’s glory.

Drinking soda:

As a chiropractor my training includes nutrition and biochemistry.  Though I choose not to focus my practice on it, from time to time I do give nutritional counseling and supplement advice.  My advice for soda drinkers, quit!  It’s not a horrible thing on occasion, as I said, I myself will drink a soda from time to time.  Anything in excess is detrimental to your health.  For those of you who just can’t go a day without your soda.  Think about what that means.

If you want nutritional counseling many chiropractors offer it.  If you want to, you can even come and see me for it, I will likely refer you to a colleague who does that more exclusively, your health comes first, and I want you to get the best care/advice that you can get.  What I don’t want is your bones becoming weak and you falling and fracturing yourself or dying early due to diabetes complications.

4 thoughts on “The Effects of Drinking Soda on Your Health

  1. Trishelle

    Your argument is very compelling. I’ve always loved the feeling of the ‘fizz’ in my mouth and throat. I probably should have considered that the addictive burn isn’t all that great.

    In Dr. Gray’s entry he informed the reader that soda has a pH balance similar to vinegar! Yikes! I use that for cleaning and disinfecting. Last I knew, disinfecting your innards isn’t necessary.

    I agree with your stance that drinking it occasionally may not be a bad thing. The trick for me would be to make sure that when I do drink it, that I don’t drink an entire gallon. Which according to Dr. Gray would come $16! Hey, if I’m going to be drinking something that spendy, it better not only taste good but be REALLY good for me.

  2. Heather

    Another interesting tidbit that I just read in an excellent book called “The Edison Gene.” When children and teenagers drink caffeinated soda it can stunt the growth of the pre-frontal lobes of the brain. The caffeine has a similar effect (sends a similar message) to the developing brain. Because of this effect, priority is given to the R-Brain (the part responsible for basic fight or flight survival skills) and therefore, the prefrontal lobes (responsible for higher reasoning, advanced social skills and creativity) do not grow as they should.

    At least I think I’ve got that right.

    The take home message for me was that too much caffeine causes brain damage in kids. One more reason to lay off the soda.

  3. Heather

    Just re-read this and realized I left out an important part. Caffeine’s effect on the brain is similar to cortisol — a hormone released in large amounts during stressful situations.

  4. Jonathan

    I did not read the links because I already agree. However, I am wondering if these studies address soda in general or specific ingredients? For example, caffeine, carbonation, sugars, etc.


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