Chiropractic Care Reduces Health Care Costs

According to this study published in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” people with chiropractic coverage cost less for health care.  They found that there was not only a decrease in expenses when it comes to back problems (NMS Conditions), but that overall those people with chiropractic care cost less to treat.  They required less back surgery, less x-rays, less MRIs, less ambulance rides, and less hospitalizations.  The cost of one MRI alone is as much or more than that of 10 chiropractic office visits.

There were huge reductions in cost even with a low utilization rate of chiropractic.  Notice that even with chiropractic costs per person at $31 per year (meaning that only a few took advantage of it) there was still a total savings of $330.  If more people turned to chiropractic for their Neuromusculoskeletal complaints the savings could be even more drastic.


From the article:

“The high prevalence and recurrent incidence of back pain, aswell as the heavy economic and disability burden that it imposeson society as documented in the literature, point to a majorarea of public health concern. Simultaneously, there is growingevidence for the low risks associated with chiropractic spinalmanipulation in most cases and favorable evidence for its effectivenessin treating low back pain. In addition, patients treated forback pain by DCs tend to be more satisfied than patients treatedby MDs. However, despite this evidence for safety, effectiveness,and growing public demand, health insurance coverage for chiropracticcare continues to remain restricted, relative to other healthservices, particularly in the managed care sector.”

My take away from this is that if you utilize chiropractic you will need to go to the doctor less, and save more money.  Insurance companies who want to save money themselves should pick up on this, but more importantly, you as a patient should see your chiropractor.

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