Commission Chiropractors in the US Military

Many of our brave soldiers serving overseas have been promised chiropractic care in their health care benefits, but are not able to access them because there are no chiropractors commissioned in the military to be stationed overseas with them.


The history of chiropractic support of our military personnel is long. In 1944 the first bill to commission chiropractors was introduced in the United States Congress. In 1985 the DoD was directed to determine cost effectiveness of chiropractic. The first President Bush authorized the DoD to commission chiropractors in 1992. The Chiropractic Health Care Demonstration Program (CHCDP) that ended in September 1999 showed overwhelmingly that chiropractic would be beneficial to our troops and to the military. It was replaced by the Chiropractic Care Program in 2001, which was to extend chiropractic care to all active duty military personnel by 2003. In 2004 the Secretary of Defense was required to speed up the implementation of this program so that all service men and women would be able to access chiropractic care by October of 2005. Currently in 2008 according to Tricare’s website, barely a fifth, 49 of 232, Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) offer chiropractic services. This information is from Please visit there for additional information.

Recently in both the US House and Senate concurrent resolutions were introduced calling for the immediate commissioning of chiropractors into the US Armed Forces.

These are great steps but unfortunately these resolutions do not have the force of law. The Department of Defense still has to choose to act on this. They have had 16 years to act. Contact your Senator or Representative to let them know of your support for this action.

4 thoughts on “Commission Chiropractors in the US Military

  1. DR. Mike

    I am a 57 year old chiropractor andI am ready to serve the needs of our brave men and women who give up so much for our country

  2. Dr. Doyle

    I’m a 31 year old chiropractor, prior service (USMC), willing and ready to serve again, especially if commissioned!!!

    League City, Tx

    1. cmnacnud

      Yes, I am actively looking for chiropractors to contact their representatives and the White House. Please do all you can to help get chiropractors commissioned. No I’m not hiring though. I am not the DoD nor am I an employing organization for the DoD. I am a citizen with the desire to serve my country. I hope that you are too. I would love to organize chiropractors for the purpose of getting this goal accomplished, but I don’t have the means, and don’t feel it needed as there are already many groups out there pushing for this such as the ACA. If you are looking to make a difference, become an active citizen. Support the ACA. Contact the White House and express your opinion.


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