Winter Blues and Joint Pain

winter-bluesFor many people winter is a time of sadness and pain for no other reason than the season. It some times has to do with the cold, sometimes with the lack of light. During the winter we also decrease our activity and water intake while increasing our calorie intake. All of these things can contribute to winter depression and aching joints. While some winters are mild and some extreme you will likely still hear people lamenting their aching joints. Arthritis in particular is increased with no real known reason. Chiropractic can help.

It is a good thing that Christmas is in winter as positive social interaction is one way we can combat these mental and physical conditions. Other great ways are a good diet and exercise. Often the most difficult part about health conditions is knowing what is causing them. If you are aware of what happens to you in the winter then you may already know exactly what you need to do to feel better. If you know someone having difficulty please check up on them. Just a visit will help, but you can go the extra mile by inviting them to activities and encouraging healthy attitudes. Please let them know that your chiropractor is also there to help and can often provide relief from the pain and lifestyle guidance, as well as positive social interaction.

Remember to move well to be well. Give us a call Dr. Duncan and the Utah Spinal Care Team. 880 E 9400 S. Sandy, UT 84094 (801)523-0073

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