D-Day Anniversary Treatment

I was honored to treat a WWII vet today on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It was amazing to talk to him about his life, sad to talk to him about the condition of his spine. He used to enjoy riding dirt bikes and ATVs. We may not get him back to that, but he was unable to look me in the eye when he walked in the door because he couldn’t stand up straight or tip his head back. He walked out upright and looking at everyone in the eye, proud again. I tried to give him encouragement by suggesting the possibility of future ATV rides and his wife simply said, “Oh, no!”

These men and women who fought for the freedom of our world and our country deserve our best, not just what ever is convenient for us. Take a moment of your time today and contact your congressmen and senators about the VA care our veterans receive.

If you would like to I would also encourage you to support the current legislation to get a chiropractor in every VA center. You can find more info and how you can support that here: https://aca.capwiz.com/aca/issues/alert/?alertid=61618736

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