Chiropractic for the Fine Artists

I have written in the past about some of the types of people that I not only enjoy, but love treating.  The top three in my list are pregnant ladies, military personnel and fine artists.  You can find out why here.

It doesn’t matter if they are dancers, singers, musicians, actors, painters, or sculptors.  This group of people make it their business to address the emotional need that we all experience.  They work hard to provide us that certain outlet that we need for our creative emotion.  I’ve never been a good fine artist, though I have tried in the past as a musician, singer, and actor.  I still appreciate what that profession can do, and know what a toll it can take on their bodies even if they are masters of the Alexander Technique.

Violinists with their constant neck craning, dancers with their repetitive perfect contortions, or singers with the strain of trying to get that breath support despite the tightness in their upper backs and chest.  They all can benefit from chiropractic care.  Athletes who use their bodies to practice for hours a day want to be able to perform at their best, and they know that chiropractic helps.  Most professional teams or athletes have chiropractors and massage therapists on call to help them to achieve that goal.

In my opinion, every symphony, opera, dance and art studio needs an official chiropractor to them.  Back in 1998 the Utah Jazz despite having the oldest players had the fewest injuries of any NBA team.  Why?  Because they were leading out a new idea and had hired a chiropractor to help their players to perform at their best thus preventing injuries from poor performing bodies.  If you are an artist, just imagine what an injury could do to your career.  Imagine taking months off to recover.  Chiropractic can help prevent injury and improve recovery times.  If you are a fine artist please contact your local chiropractor to see what he can do to improve your performance.  After all who would play the instruments if you were all injured?orchestra 3

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