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Since the dawn of modern science answers to life’s questions have been sought through studies.  I highly recommend research and physicians using research to the advantage of their patients.  I encourage patients to stay informed through reading research.  In life, online, and even the media you hear things like, “oh it’s true, they’ve done studies.”  I’m not sure who “they” are and whatever study is being referred to probably didn’t mean what you thought it did.


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Chiropractic, for good or bad, has been forced into research by the well-meaning movement of evidence based medicine.  This movement, as with most things, falls short when strictly applied to every scenario.  There are always too many exceptions.  One of the most well-known, and a great read, is a farcical review article discussing, “parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge.”  This article was actually published in the British Medical Journal in 2003.  It inferred that because there was no research studies to show the efficacy of parachute use that their use should be discontinued as a preventative health care measure.


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The truth is that most studies are either to vague or to specific or too something to be applied directly in real life situations.  They all have flaws and weaknesses.  Even the gold standard Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial is not perfect.  Most of the good studies admit and disclose their bias so that readers can take that into consideration when determining usefulness.  If you don’t understand research bias don’t worry there are entire college courses dedicated to the topic, if you want to learn more you can begin here  Google results: research bias.

To make things simple for you, there is no perfect study because people are not perfect.   This principle becomes utterly clear in online debates that usually end in name calling and any truth lost to both parties.

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I often cite research on my blog, and sometimes people agree and sometimes they disagree with the research.  You are welcome to do so.  I highly recommend reading research for truth.  The best RCT can be useless and the anectdotal single case study may hold the answer to the problem you face.  Don’t discount evidence of any kind.  Read it for truth and accept the research for what it is, one possible view of a whole situation.

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