Where’s Your Wallet? Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

There is a problem that Chiropractors treat all of the time.  I have decided to take a more proactive approach to treating it by educating you.  The problem is your wallet.  Have you looked at your wallet recently?  Many are an inch thick or more.  Most people carry their wallet in their back pocket.  Then they sit on that wallet sometimes all day long, causing their pelvis to be shifted on one side for the majority of the day.  They then come into my office with pain in their back and hips and sometimes even sciatica or piriformis syndrome.  What seems obvious to me does not to someone who has kept their wallet there for years and never had a problem.  Sometimes it just takes a pair of eyes looking from the outside to see the obvious.

I’ve been treating these types of complaints for a while now, and I counsel people about their wallet. In my office we are now being proactive and letting everyone know.  Just a small poster with a picture of me from behind, sitting, and then another identical picture of me with a small one inch object under my right hip is enough to see the problem.  I don’t even have to tell people about it. They can see it.

If you’re wanting to change this in your life it just takes consistency like building any good habit you’ll forget for the first little while, but keep it up and you’ll remember that your wallet is in your side pocket and stop reaching around back eventually.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Wallet? Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome

  1. Broomfield Chiropractor

    This piece of simple advice has done wonders for my back. I used to get lower back pain and spasms on a regular basis. Once I stopped sitting on my wallet all the time, my back feels stronger and more stable under stress. Now I feel completely uncomfortable when I have my wallet in my back pocket and I sit down. Good advice, totally common sense and very easy to make this change.


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